With atlantic


Maturing in front of the ocean

Sardino Vermouth

is made following an ancient tradition with a maceration of 24 wild plants and herbs, which together with a selection of essences, is mixed with caramel and wine, resulting in Sardinian Vermouth, which culminates maturing and acquiring body on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

in earthenware jars

Sardino vermouth rests in earthenware jars, in silence and half-light, behind centuries-old stone walls, before being transferred to oak barrels.

The result is a reflection of tradition and innovation with 100% artisanal processes, from a careful selection of botanicals, through a manual and controlled production process at each step, to an exquisite presentation of the product image.

SARDINO makes its Vermouth Sardino, following the advice of its Master Vermouth Maker, a great craftsman with extensive experience in the production of vermouths.



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