About us

Vermouth artisans of 1943

El Vermut marinero ®

We follow an ancient vermouth tradition that dates back to 1943 and we have been adapting it to our times, always using traditional methods and improving the recipe without departing from the traditional style, until today.

We are proud to say that our Sardino seafood vermouth maintains the tradition and spirit of 1943, so that you can enjoy it in the 21st century.





Local ingredients

El Vermut marinero ®

Whenever we can, we use local ingredients from Km.0 in the production of our artisan vermouth, supporting local producers and thus giving a greater differentiation to our Sardino vermouths. An intense Galician vermouth flavour.

The result is a balanced recipe that provides unique nuances in careful harmony between sweetness, bitterness and saltiness.

With care and patience

El Vermut marinero ®

Our Sardino vermouths require a lot of care and patience.

Once we have prepared our infusion with 24 botanicals macerated in alcohol and spring water, we leave it to macerate in centenary earthenware jars for 45 days according to the lunar calendar.
Then we press the lees to extract all its properties.


days in jars


months in barrels

From Galicia to Europe

El Vermut marinero ®

And after 3 months in oak barrels, acquiring body and binding flavours with our wine… we can now bottle our Sardino vermouth and distribute it all over the world!


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