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Christian Zwergius

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Phone +34 622 763 703


Sardino red


Sardino red vermouth is the result of a traditional and artisan vermouth making process.

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the seafaring vermouth of Galicia is born.

With a slightly saline touch, Sardino vermouth takes you to our wild beaches, so that you can enjoy the only artisan seafood vermouth in Galicia.

Sardino white


Sardino white vermouth, the concentration of all the atmosphere of northwest Spain in a bottle.

A fresh, saline, seafaring vermouth with the traditional flavour of an authentically artisan product.



Vermouth Cream

The elegant combination of Galician milk with Sardino vermouth, a discovery for exquisite palates.

Vermouth Premium

Sardino Reserva is our premium vermouth.

1 year of pampering in each bottle

9 months in French and American oak barrels and 3 months in the bottle.

An artisan vermouth

Sardino is a traditional vermouth, an artisan vermouth and a seafood vermouth.

The master vermouth maker who makes it, with years of experience behind him, hides behind his recipe the essence of the Galician ocean.


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